What Not to Do When You Cannot Sleep ???

Countless people make the mistake of lying in bed worrying about problems when they find it hard to sleep. Even if they have no concerns to ponder, their minds conjure all kinds of potential threats to their well-being. The darkness seems to magnify issues since it leaves them alone with their thoughts. However, there are many things that are best not to do when you cannot sleep. Letting your mind run riot with negativity is just one of them.

Watching the clock
When you cannot sleep, do you keep checking the time? Doing so can be tempting since you might want to know whether there is still a chance that you could sneak in a few hours kip before the sunrise or not. However, if you keep glancing at the clock, your stress levels are likely to climb as time passes. Unfortunately, this will compound the problem at hand. It’s best to resist urges to see what time it is and focus on a more productive activity that helps you relax.

Studies show that people with insomnia are likely to put on weight. One of the reasons this is so can be put down to boredom. They might consider raiding the fridge as a happy alternative to tossing and turning. Additionally, they are liable to feel hungry if their last meal was consumed several hours previously. When you cannot sleep, you will find that it is beneficial not to snack on junk food or eat too much. If you want to avoid getting a sugar rush, or your digestive system keeping you awake, avoid nighttime snacks all together, or eat small amounts of healthy foods that can induce sleep.

Turning on the TV
When you are awake, and the rest of the world seems to be asleep, you cannot be blamed for considering turning on the TV in order to avoid boredom. Nonetheless, the mental stimulation that TV provides is enough to prolong time spent out of the land of Nod. Reading is a better alternative since it is generally a calming activity.

Drinking coffee
The aroma of fresh coffee can be comforting, but, unless you choose a decaffeinated variety of your favorite beverage, it is likely to make you feel even more alert than you do before it is consumed. Try a soothing mug of chamomile tea sweetened with a little honey, or a cup of hot milk instead.

Listening to rock music
Listening to any type of music that gets your heart racing is not sensible when you want to sleep. Gentle, calming music is a superior option since it can make you feel relaxed.

Log on
Computers can fire-up your brain, leaving you restless and anxious, depending on the sites that you visit. Logging on to social networking websites such as Twitter probably will not make you sleepy, especially if you focus on finding interesting links to click on or read racy gossip or stressful news.

When you cannot sleep, there are many options other than worrying, watching the clock or the TV, snacking, listening to fast music, or logging on that will aid sleep rather than prolonging a wakeful state of mind. Taking advantage of them can make all the difference between acquiring insomnia and having a wonderful night’s sleep.

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